My Botox Experience


If you’re reading this wondering if you should get botox or not, then Im afraid you are going to be getting a biased opinion. I am a big botox fan.  I started using it the minute I turned 30.  Why?

Well for a few reasons.  When I looked in the mirror I was starting to see fine lines appearing, especially around my eyes.  I am a party girl at heart and I am in my element when there’s loud music playing, a load of friends around me and a G&T in my hand.  I am also an ex-smoker and weight has been up and down over the years.  But all those late nights and sinful excesses have laid their mark and it was starting to show in my face.  I started to be concerned that I was looking older than my friends.

The lines on your face also say a lot about which muscles you use most.  Im an eye smiler – when I smile, my eyes squinch and I get lots of laughter lines around them. I quite like that, but I dont like the fine lines that remain on my face afterwards.  Some people are more expressive with their frown area or with their forehead, so that’s where they have prominent lines.
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