I’m Lindsay Moran-Jayaram.  A GP originally trained in Leeds, UK.  Whilst there I used to work as a freelance GP around the Yorkshire area, I worked as a teacher and tutor for Leeds University Medical School and I worked with the RCGP First5 Committee, which got me involved with a lot of conference work.  In 2012 I published a book – The New GPs Handbook. I also used to run a botox and fillers business.

In 2013 I moved to Melbourne, Australia with my husband Mahesh, a Psychiatrist.  The transition hasn’t been easy, as far as leaving friends and family goes, but it has been a fabulous experience.

I am now working here as a GP.  I have joined the RACGP Women’s committee and New Fellows fellows committee.  I shall shortly be working for CitySkin Clinic continuing my botox work.  And to get me networked with other GP’s, I was one of a team who started the GPsDownUnder group.

In my spare time I am either out partying and dancing (my favourite past times), playing sports and keeping fit, watching the latest series on Netflix or travelling the world.

I blog because I’ve never been one to keep quiet!

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